Do you lie at times to evade problems? Lying is extremely contemptible, do not repeat it.

If you are lying for the following reasons, try avoiding them:

To defend oneself or others

People make mistakes, and they are unintentional most of the time. Despite the faults being unintended, one needs to face the corresponding consequences of it. Neither one wishes to land in trouble, nor do they want their closed ones to face problems. Thus, to avoid the ramifications people resort to lying. It is a default mechanism to shield from the repercussions of something that accidentally happened. But one needs to realize that one lie leads to another, and eventually, you will get caught. Such scenarios would be worse to face hence be brave to own up for the fault you made, and apologize.

To avoid embarrassment

If you have made a mistake, especially if it is at your workplace, the embarrassment you need to face is more.The organization you work for might have to pay a huge price for your carelessness. Hence for obvious reasons, you need to bear the backlash and verbal abuse. To avoid humiliation and defamation, one may try to cover up with a lie. But, remember being honest and responsible is important. Accept your mistake and promise to not repeat it instead of being a falsifier.

Skip angry reaction

If the blunder you did is too grave, the victim or people who need to face the hazards would be annoyed. Either you will receive scornful treatment, or you may get a good thrashing from your parents or elders if you are a kid. Before you lie to dodge unfavorable reactions, remember people learn from their mistakes. Acknowledge your fault before others and move on.

Fear of loss

One may lie, to mask their flaws. One may lie, to pretend of achievements beyond their capabilities. One may lie and put the blame on others. These may help you portray yourself exactly the way you wanted. But it would be too transient to sustain. It is better you be the person you are in front of all. Let your honesty help you collect fame, appreciation, and friends. If you gain all these with the help of lies, you will have a burden too heavy to bear for a lifetime.

For fun

There are a few barefaced liars who lie for no reason. They seldom speak the truth. It is almost like a habit for them. They actually need to realize, being a liar, you lose credibility, and people dislike you. Once the trust is lost, it is extremely hard to gain. Avoid lies.

"When you tell a lie, you steal someone's right to the truth."


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