Underrated Artists You May Want To Know About

Ashwini Gurung
Jun 13, 2019   •  25 views

This title may serve as a clickbait. You may, through the World Wide Web have come across these singers and they may be accessible to some of you, however, based on the fact that hardly anyone ever listens to them despite their amazing musical genius, I feel the need to broadcast them for their sheer talent, which I have been doing through the means of Instagram and likewise. Some of the artists included here belong to the LGBTQ+ community thereby garnering also the hype for Pride Month, yay!

First of all I would like to introduce Mikaela Straus who goes by the name King Princess and is a singer and songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist under the Mark Ronson label-Zelig Records. She was brought into contact with fame from a very young age: just 20 and has already had a number of hit singles. Some of the her songs you have to listen to are 'Talia', '1950', 'Pussy is god', and 'Upper west side'. Her music is a combination of smooth flowing vocals and captivating lyrics which transfers you to a more glorious world. Although the particular genre for her would be pop, it sure does have an array of sounds that deviate from mainstream pop. She is also an addition to the queer music scene which has been budding already with artists such as Hayley Kiyoko.

The second singer who I have been fangirling over ever since I chanced upon his hit song 'Lover boy' due to a Youtube algorithm that was excessively pushing it forward is Phum Viphurit. Phum Viphurit is a Thai singer and songwriter whose two main hits 'Lover boy' and 'Long Gone' has succeeded in capturing the bedroom pop audience. Bedroom pop is a genre in Spotify that consists of artists with a slow and makeshift-like vibe where it feels like the artists record their songs at home with minimal equipment. Some major bedroom pop artists are Clairo, Cuco, Boy Pablo, and The Walters although his genre is mostly accorded to the Indie Folk or neo soul. Some songs of his worth listening to from his album Manchild are 'Run', 'Adore', 'Strangers in a dream' and 'Sweet Hurricane'.

The Third artist I would be honoured to talk about is a band called FUR which consists of four members -William Murray, Harry Saunders, William Taverner, and drummer Flynn Whelan. This band hails from England more specifically from Brighton and their music gives a very authentic old vibe which takes on the sound from the 60s and delivers a seamless blend with Indie. Their claim to fame was also due to a Youtube algorithm which made their song 'If you know that I'm lonely' a huge success. Other songs of theirs to check out are 'Eyes', 'Trying', 'One and twenty', 'Not enough' and 'What would I do'. Their video features them in a very Beatles sort of an aesthetic garb which makes it feel like music from another era.

Still Woozy is another American artist who has not yet made it into the mainstream and continues to deliver great music which echoes through your mind all day. Sven Gamsky's stage name itself describes a state of daziness that gives off a dreamy vibe which can also be felt in his songs which are nothing short of euphoria. His album art also feels like a visual description of weird but eccentric and a different level altogether. Songs of his worth listening to include 'Habit', 'Goodie Bag', 'Wolfcat' and 'Cooks'.

The fifth and final artist you ought to listen to is Conan Gray, a 19 year old Asian American who first began his career on youtube and now has a substantial following owing to his youtube subscribers. His songs are a deliberate attempt to put forward an understanding and expression of the Millennial with an ode to his upbringing in Georgetown titled 'Idle Town' which was recorded with minimal budget but fetched him his fame. His songs are mellow and attract lofi lovers also; you should go ahead and give a listen to 'Idle Town', 'Lookalike', 'Crush Culture' and "Greek God'.

I confess that these singers may not be inclusive of all music genres and the article is obviously tailored to the kind of music I listen to which is subjective, but give these songs a try because they are worth expanding your daily playlist for and Spotify is a great support system.

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