A Guide To Eating Healthier: College Edition

Ashwini Gurung
Jul 07, 2019   •  130 views

While many of us struggle with eating healthy, it becomes a more persistent issue when we join College because we're so caught up with activities and hanging out with friends that nutrition is forced to take a back seat. When it comes to eating healthy, it can be to lose or maintain weight or dine in terms of what your body requires rather than what your palate demands.

It can be effortless to skip meals when you're so caught up in college activities; breakfast you anyway don't eat because you're in a rush and when you get to College mid-morning snacking on chips and juice or cold coffee may primarily make you less hungry urging you to avoid lunch when you finally reach home, and home-cooked food looks so boring sometimes when it's just there in the refrigerator in their tiny little containers waiting to be warmed up.

But since you're on your way to becoming an adult, there has to be some responsibility regarding your diet unless you want to suffer from severe stomach infections or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, therefore, its essential to try and eat clean if you're a college-going, student. Also, because of our constant hyperactivity and energy, we can't just fill our stomachs with empty carbohydrates that are major in foods that are available while eating out.

One way to counter this is by meal prepping. Meal prep has been enthusiastically taken upon by health nerds as a new fad. They have everything prepared and therefore are less likely to give in to the temptation of eating out. To meal prep, you need ingredients that can be stored for at least a week in the fridge, also in its cooked form. One can also prepare a massive amount for supper the night before to supplement your lunch.

Breakfast is one of the essential meals so you can always stay for five minutes and have oats, eggs, or pancakes before you rush off or even yogurt or fruit can suffice for breakfast on the go.

Once in College, be prepared because snacking is bound to take place so one can pack a light snack such as dry fruits or a protein bar. More often, it so happens that eating tasty food tingles our feel-good receptive sense, so we usually eat when we're bored. I confess after an hour or two of boring classes, I too have succumbed to this habit and buy food even if I'm not that hungry. So being conscious of your hunger and boredom and the difference between them also helps keep track of what’s going inside your mouth.

Being in a tropical climate, it's also essential to hydrate yourself especially when temperatures are above thirty degrees because sometimes your mind translates thirst as hunger and urges you to stuff yourself with food even when your body does not require it. These tips are essential to keep in mind, especially if you're starting College. College can be a fun experience, and it generally is responsible for molding you further and shaping you as an individual, therefore, it's fundamental to start new habits and keep them and eating clean is directly related to health, so it's better to start now.