The invention of televisions amused people. Getting to see the cricket match instead of hearing it on the radio, even if being miles away from the stadium was one of the most satisfying thing they felt back then.

However, now a days , the thing which is on everybody's head is the Web series.
Be it Netflix's originals or Prime originals or any other series, they are the talk of the town all the time.

Especially, teenagers, they enjoy the web series the most.
Be it "13 reasons why" "F.R.I.E.N.D.S" "Sherlock Homes" are some of the many popular web series watched by almost every teen.

The passion for the series is increasing day by day.
While on one hand Netflix and prime subscribers increased manyfold, the number of hours on laptop or phone has increased proportionally.

Yes, the English grasping power is improved and you get to know many new words and things.

Some shows like Grey's anatomy is quite informative about medecine, suits gives you an insight how is to be a top-notch lawyer. And similarly some other genre specific shows upholds quite an information about their subjects.

But, looking at the darker side,the number of hours one spends on them, affects their life miserably. Hours and hours of binge-watching, effects their eyes, social life, daily work routine, and their studies.

Cutting themselves from the whole world, sitting in one corner of the room for almost the entire day, their eyes stuck to the screen, what good is that doing to them?

Yes, watching it for some time is good being your favourite past time, but keeping other things for an hour or so and watching shows rest of the time? How sane is that?

Habit is good as long as it doesn't turn into an addiction and starts jeopardizing all the other thing and starts harming you.

You don't eat on time, you don't talk to people, you confine yourself to a single room and just watch that. It would cut you off your social life, affect your personal life and degrade your academics.

This addiction is not good, anything in excess is harmful.
Watching a few episodes is good, it would relax their minds and would calm them down. But binge-watching, that too, day after day, is so not a good option.

Things which are meant to be enjoyed should be "Enjoyed'' and shouldn't be made an "Addiction".