Still confused that what to watch on Netflix next.

Here we have a great news for you all guys!

After the success hit of the web series Stranger Things Season 3, on netflix. You all might have got confused that what next!?

So guys, don't worry the dates have been scheduled and are now out.

Here is the checklist:-

First of all sacred games season 2 is getting released on 15th of August 2019.

Then on 23rd August 2019, 13 reasons why season 3 would be broadcasted.

So the month of August would be full of excitement.

Not only netflix, but amazon prime would also be releasing it's second season's finale of comicstaan which we all are awaitinbg for. Afterall, these days the competition has increased alot.

As one side Netflix is back-to-back releasing different seasons of all the kinds of genere whether be romance, horror, comedy, thriller.

And on the other haqnd amazon prime videos is trying to cover the topics like the culture or the things that happen in our society; issues faced by woman etc.

In the competition between netflix and amazon prime it's the public who is getting benefitted as Netflix has also reduced the charges and amazon prime is also available at negotiable rate to the customers. So in short we can conclude that it's the viewers who are the most benefitted as we are getting all the kinds of contetnt on web easily.