Water Water Everywhere, So Less To Have,So Little To Share

Ashima Garg
Jul 03, 2019   •  38 views

Humans need oxygen to live but of course, needs water to survive. Now we know, almost 70% of the earth is water out of which only 3% is fresh water which is fit for drinking. Now this statistic detail, almost all of us is familiar with. The point comes how much we actually understand this detail.

For example, if you have a bar of chocolate at your house which you love a lot and you eat it whenever you feel low in order to boost your mood up. But if that chocolate is the only one you have and won't get another if it's finished, what would you do?. You'll eat is very precisely right, without wasting it? Because you know it is important for you.

Then what happens to us when it comes to Water. We know it is very important, we know if we keep wasting it there is going to come a day when we won't be left with any, then why do we keep wasting it?

Some of us in different parts of the earth are already facing water scarcity, ask them what a single glass of fresh water means to them.

Even in India Hyderabad and Chennai will be running out of water by the next year and so does maybe rest of the cities in India by next few years.

Do we really realise what a havoc would be created by this ?

And more importantly what would we be saving for our future generations?

Is it even ethical to give birth to children in future years and make them suffer ultimately due to water shortage?

When we get something in abundance we do not realize its importance.

But I want to ask you all, why to wait till the water becomes a scarcity for each one of us?

What would happen if we would use a bucket and a mug for bathing instead of wasting loads of water using a shower? Would our daily routine be affected? No!

If the water leakage gets fixed, if the tap isn't left running, you have no idea how these small efforts could save loads of water.

It's all about efforts, making sure a healthy and a better future needs an intelligent present.

We are the survivors, not the destructor of our mother earth. We get so much from here, the least we can do is to preserve what she is been giving to us.