Meet The Human Robot Controlled By Machine

Ashima Garg
May 31, 2019   •  19 views

People meet, they talk, they share. Communication is important, very important and hence people find different means to talk.

Earlier where eye contact used to say everything, today even face to face conversations bring misunderstandings.

Mobile phones have become the 4th most essential thing in our lives after food, shelter, and clothes.

Children, adults, old people everyone is addicted to this small machine.
Leaving behind the real world, everyone has started living in the social world.
No matter how happy or sad we are in our real lives, but on social media, we all keep ourselves updated and lively.

Where the number of likes decides our popularity, the number of people we actually are close to is decreasing day by day.

We meet people online, share our lives with them and make them a big part of our lives. But we often forget that outside this social media web, lies a world.

Where on one side we are making online friends on the other side we are losing people in real life. Socializing at one point is good and healthy but sticking our eyes on phones and laptops 24*7 cuts us off from the real world and makes us go crazy if we can't access the social media for once.

Technology is both boon and bane. It's on the way we use it.
Teenagers have become so addictive to social media sites that they can't take their eyes off them.

Leaving our houses without phones seems to be an impossible task these days. " What if someone calls?" " What if I need to contact someone urgently?".

Where these gadgets have made our life easier, on the other hand, they have made it more concerned and more dependable.

Why can't we live the moment for once? Forget about posting on social media, forget about capturing them in a camera and for once just capture the moment in your heart and truly feel it. No wonder that would give you immense happiness.

The depth of relationships has been triggered so badly after people have started being dependent mostly on the phone for communication.

Your privacy isn't private anymore and your life is a showcase.

While connecting with long distanced friends and family is important but in this process forgetting your near and loved ones? How sane is that?

Nowadays, it's even worse. Sitting in the next room, people communicate through phones as if we are the robots controlled by the machines.