Calming yourself in the toughest situation is the best you can do. Many times, it is the only thing you can do.

Living lives is like sitting on a big rollercoaster. The Ups and Downs keep coming like weekends. But then those are the moments which makes us alive, it makes us feel we have a life. Often during the sad times, we panic. I understand it because it is human nature, but making a hype out of it makes the situation only worse. Panicking, shouting, yelling all these things won't certainly help us in a good way.

Well, I'd like to share an incident with you all which I think many of us have experienced.

When we are in a car with a child and we do not know that his hand is on the window and we mistakenly close the window, he shouts and cries in pain. But because we get so panicked we sometimes instead of pushing the window button down to open it, we pull it without even realizing it.

Well, I am not saying one can stop worrying at such times,but panicking would only make it worse and we might end up making bad decisions. The decisions that could harm us and the people associated with us.

A person should never make a big decision while he is too glad or too sad. Over excitement or over depression isn't the best time to react.

Being in the right state to make a sound decision is very important. In bad times, the situation might not be under control or in our hands, but one thing which is definitely in our hands is to calm ourselves and others.

Often we get worried more than we should and that makes the situation worse. Rather than regretting later that had we been calmer, we might not have ended up like this, we should make the best out of everything and take deep breaths thinking thoroughly before making a decision.

Looking at the bigger picture is equally important, just worrying about the problems we are facing and not trying to find solutions to the problems so that we could do better in the longer run, is not a good decision.

Every person faces problem, but the one who handles them maturely, takes the right decision at the right time, considers all the factors, doesn't rush to conclusion, would ultimately help in solving the problems.