Ever been low? Felt useless?Maybe like falling apart? You'll always find your mom and dad supporting you during these times. Even if maybe, they don't understand initially, but at the end of the day they are the ones to hold your hand and take you out of that situation. Because after all, it's family. No matter what you do, what you become, there are these two lovely souls who would be there for you.

As children, we don't understand the level of sacrifices they make for us. They have the biggest hearts in this world.From smallest to the biggest things, they do for you so selflessly without even mentioning them.

There've been endless nights that your dad couldn't sleep worrying for you, there've been endless hours your mom has spent in the kitchen to serve you delicious food. Whenever you go out of town, you might get busy enjoying but there are these two people back home, who are so worried for you all the time, whether you reached safely or not, did you take your meals on time or not, are you fit and healthy or not.

Recently, I went on a trip out of India. We all know it's already quite expensive with flight booking and the food. I noticed that besides all the expense is already done, my father spent thousands of rupees on water parks, swings, sports, just so that I and my brother could enjoy for a couple of hours. It was so overwhelming to see our parents doing so much just to see a smile on our faces.

We can never think so much for them as they think for us. But the least we could do is, keep them happy, respect them, help them and prove to them that they raised their children right.

They are getting old, there are going to be a time when they would need the care and attention from us which they have been giving us all their lives.

What's the best we can do is, to give them all of it without them asking because your love and support is truly deserved by them.

As we grow old, our priorities change, friends become family and we start spending a lot of time with them. I am not saying that is wrong, but one must not forget the family that has bestowed all their love on us.

They never ask for more, but after all, it's family, in the end, they are the ones who would be there for you and you are the ones who would be there for them.