Oh Yes!! Tomorrow is the first day of college. The first step I take in the campus and all girls will start drooling over me, the next step all the campus staff will bow before their new king and then the third step will be on a chariot which will come every day to drop me inside the college premises. And the fourth step is where I am woken up by my mom saying "Its 9:30 and you are still asleep!! Come on pick up the broom stick, the maid hasn't come today.

Too filmy right? But no one can disagree that this dream has crossed their mind at least once while stepping into the college life. College is the best time of your life. The 3 years you spend in college, you really do explore things you never have before. But I can guarantee you that college life is nothing like what they show in the films. Yes, some films like 3 idiots have depicted a small amount of reality in their movies but most of it never happens.

So let’s explore different aspects of college life:-


Since childhood itself our parents keep telling us to make friends very carefully and that suggestion is very vital for your college life. There are different varieties of people in college coming from different backgrounds, In school due to the same grooming you might find it easy to gel with people. but that is not the case in college. You need to choose your friends really carefully as that will define you for the next 3 years.


College has a completely different environment from your school. It has variety of people doing various different things that have never been seen before. Some people like to just silently study, read a book or listen to music in the corner of the class. Some might be semi-active and would have casual interactions with peers. Some would not even be in class and just party all the day. These are just broad classifications that diversify into many other that I left for you to explore. And again choosing the right type of people is very imortant.

Rules and Restrictions

College is a lot more lenient than school. During my own first few days I wasn't able to believe of the amount of freedom students have. In college it’s completely your wish whether you want to attend a particular lecture or not. You can exit and enter the campus anytime you want and also have a more friendly relationship with lecturers. That does not mean that you can become Hritik Roshan and start dancing in the song "kehdo na" in front of the campus because that just might turn out to be your last day at college.

Cultural Aspect

College life is also very culturally rich; It consists of various clubs and societies that you can join if you have the interest or aptitude. College also holds cultural fests where you can showcase your talent in front of other colleges also. Just think of this, if your school was a pool then college is an ocean of exposure. The standard of talent in college is 10x times higher than what you might have seen in your school

Above all college life is also filled with repercussions. There are so many things to do that you might have to select what is more important for you. If you indulge into too many cultural activities then social life and academics will suffer, if you indulge into too much of partying and stuff then academics and cultural college life will suffer.

In all college life teaches you and expects you to master the best possible work life balance and also to make the right decisions at the right point of time.



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