Being A Good Student In A Competitive World

Arpita Papalkar
Feb 17, 2019   •  3 views

Everyone is stuck in the rat race for good marks, a good rank. But not everyone gets everything he/she wants. For every race or for every competition winner can be only one. But that doesn't mean that others are losers. Everyone has a unique quality. Being a winner does not matter every time. Just being sincere to self can give you success. If taking the example of a student in any of the field it looks like they take exams as a race of marks and rank. And for every race, there are some rules as well as there should be some strategies which can give you to your goal. Considering education and research system in India, there are pros and cons about it. Students think that the education system in which they are studying is not worth. But at least they should try their best from what they are provided with. With these students should have a mindset of their ambition, a broad problem-solving perspective, ability to do critical analysis, rigour and discipline and succinct articulation. These qualities are the signs of a brilliant student. But this will not be of any use if you don't work on it. A meticulous hard work will be needed. One should have extreme human knowledge and one's own too. It is the essence of education at all levels and also the essence of every professional career.

Not what comes in the way? Attitude set by that race for marks. Exams are to examine your abilities not to judge you. But what happens nowadays is exactly converse to this. It creates a few winners but many losers. And in this winners acquire overconfidence and arrogance which can create hurdles in their path. This mentality of students that only being first in exam shows decides their future should be changed.

Just two days ago I have attended the seminar of Dr Deepak B. Phatak who is Indian Computer Scientist. He told some cardinal principles. These are:

1. Acquire knowledge about other domains, destroy silos in mind.
2. Be meticulous- be the god of things, have a period in quality.
3.Learn to commit- and honour commitments, strict self-discipline.
4. Respect deadline- time management.
5. Face failures squarely - recover speedily.
6. Enjoy giving - your concern, your advice, your time, sense of social awareness, common curtsey.
7. Emulate what is good.
8. Reset your attitude for marks wealth.

If you follow these principles you will surely get success in your life. Just stop comparing yourself with others and start comparing with yourself. Try to be better than yourself. This will surely help to get your bestest version.



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