Travelling. A word which provides calmness and excitement all together. Sharing experiences, stories and memories with your loved ones and strangers as well. It fills up your soul. Now let's come to the point where we need to understand what to take along with us and what not to while travelling.

You must have heard that travelling with minimum luggage is the best. This is true. Very true. The less you are burdened with all that hogging up of clothes, make up and other accessories, the more you will enjoy. But there are some things which are important to carry which comes in handy whenever needed.

So let's go through the travel check list-

  1. Always make sure the transport bookings have been done well in advance.

  2. Try to find accommodation or have a brief idea about the same through online websites so that you won't face problems after reaching the destination.

  3. A super light bag which can be hung on the shoulders in case if trekking/camping etc.

  4. A small first aid box.

  5. A hand sanitizer.

  6. Comfortable footwear.

  7. Toiletries essentials.

  8. A comb, cream, a deo, etc.

  9. A warm and thin blanket.

  10. Phone charger/ power bank.

  11. Some knowledge about the place you are visiting.

  12. A water bottle.

  13. Some chocolate bar or chewing gums to keep the nervousness at Bay while travelling to mountains.

  14. Lighter clothes in case of beaches and warm climate.

  15. Warm clothes in case of mountains, hillstations and cool climate.

  16. Some extra cash in case of emergency.

You are good to go if the above list has been taken care of. Rest you can have the friends or the people you are travelling with. Even if you are going on a solo trip, there is nothing more needed to be done. Remember, a light travel baggage is what you have to think of. Some more essentials can be added from your end like camera to capture the nature, a pair of goggles, a cap etc. Rest, all you need is some enthusiasm and sense of responsibility to be in senses to enjoy the trip all the more. Don't forget to relish different kinds of food to the place you are visiting. One should never miss that. Along with that, talk with strangers, get to know their culture, way of living, laugh with locals, enjoy their stories, dance in the bonfire with them, find peace in their simple way of living. That would give you different kind of high which you will realise once you are back. Doesn't matter if you are going to beautiful valley's of Himachal Pradesh or calm and soothing beaches of Goa, a Traveller will love the both. both will give different kind of experiences. A person might like greenery more with a hot cup of tea or love the soothing waves of water sitting on the sand. But his heart will be filled with happiness and peacefullness from both. I am one of them. Telling by the personal experiences, when you start travelling to different places, you became like one of them only (the locals of that particular place). You relish the tasteless dal and that perfect Maggie as well. So, in the end I would say, that travel light so that you can visit as many places as you can with a light bag to carry otherwise you will be too tired to carry that heavy suitcase you have planned to take with you which will make you feel like hell while trekking and you can'tignore the fact that visiting places while walking is the best rather than a vehicle to take you at every other place. So, feel light on your feets so that you can stroll or run or trekk easily and comfortably. Don't forget to share your experiences if any ;)



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