Hello Readers,

Today I am gonna share a real experience of my life, I don't know if it's only my sensations or you also felt these elements at any juncture of your life. Yes, I felt my life was getting messy after the yrs of a healthy relationship. So in the desire of fresh starting, I broke up ☹ to introduce a simple life instead of the jumbles, but can you reckon what happens, now it was arduous to live alone, as now there was no one to listen your shit, no one to admire, no one to say No now. But no way once again I tumbled back because it was almost near to impossible to pass over the amazing feels you had with the special soul, which is still questioning you every time, have you footed forward or you are still waiting for me. As she was still standing and saying I can't fall forward as I have no feelings left to put in someone else's life.

But we sometimes still say “Now things are not same.”

Waiting for the next phase. Will come back soon.

Thank you for your time.! :-)

Stay tuned .