Hospitals - The Corporate Scams

Anu Johnson
May 14, 2019   •  29 views

One of the growing industries nowadays is super specialty hospitals. Due to the advancement in technology, people now consider it as just a business to make money. What do they gain from all this? After so many years of study and medical practices, is this what they should do? When they have to be the one who has to solve the problems, now they have no time for it since they are busy making money. Doctors are the ones through which we are able to experience the hand of God. But now going to the hospital is in itself a dangerous fact.

Years before, we had no hospitals or clinics. When someone had a disease or fever they used to run to people who were rich in knowledge of using herbal medicines. The treatment was purely herbal and ayurvedic. When they were cured, they used to come back and thank them for their help. They were considered as working hands of god. Also, the people had some basic knowledge about the use of medicines, which they should use for a certain kind. Later the allopathy and homeopathy came into existence and began to push back Ayurveda and its principles. People began to run there due to their faster results. When Ayurveda took time to cure, all these worked very fast.

Since the allopathy began to grow, the doctors became greedy and found it a way to make money. They knew that it would be a source of constant income. Hence with this thought, students began to study to become doctors not out of passion but foreseeing the future. So, as a result, the number of sincere students began to decrease and they began to join colleges by giving lakhs as a donation, thinking that all this they can compensate in the future. The hardworking and merit students also lost their seats due to the management ones. What is the result? They never study anything and pass with money. Thus a huge number of fake and bad doctors are coming out every year.

They have only one thought and that is to make money. For this, they are ready to go to any extent. They are even ready to kill people and collect money for their treatment. How can we believe hospitals if they are like this? Now people are really afraid to go there. Earlier when hospitals resembled temples, it is time to really think if that is the situation now?



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