The Problem - 2. Practice What You Preach.

Gayatri Padmanabhan
Jul 29, 2020   •  9 views

Practice What you Preach

I never knew that the above phrase actually is telling us blankly that don't be a HYPOCRITE OR DON'T PROMOTE HYPOCRISY.

I always got confused between irony and hypocrisy but now I got the entire picture about hypocrisy.

Let me start with the problems I see around me.


The Problem is, in the words of feminism every woman will fight for their rights as long as it doesn't involve their families. WHEN I mention families, I am talking about the men in their house. Women will raise their voices for their rights but as soon as anything wrong against the men in their families are blamed for something, they will stand up for them and go against the exact rights they are fighting for. HYPOCRISY EXISTS.

The Problem is, seeing the events of the past months, we came across a very brutal, cold incident which shook our lives. GEORGE FLOYD. I have seen a sudden shift of events where people who didn't even care about the violence or injustice happening in their own locality or city, started using social media and trended #blacklivesmatter. I am not against any of this. Black Lives DEFINITELY Matter. But I am talking about the hypocrisy of people around me. Humanity has taken a brutal turn with this event and we are all the witnesses of it. HYPOCRISY EXISTS.

The Problem is, we need a person to die in order to get to know a problem. I'm talking about SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT. He was a victim and did something that took his life. I'm talking about the events that are taking place after his death. Lakhs of people are coming forward to go against nepotism. People have trended #nepotismexists and all others which I don't know . These are the same people who were criticising Sushant for his works and his behaviour on sets based on some false news and rumours. Now, these people are trending hash tags. HYPOCRISY EXISTS.

The Problem is, people have no clue about depression. Let me connect this one with my previous point. People got to know about depression only after a person's death. Depression is a serious illness. It is not a mood. It is not a phase. It is an ILLNESS. But it can be treated. We got to know about this only when a famous celebrity spoke up or when Sushant died. We, I'm including myself, the people always swept the word depression right down our mental carpets and were talking as if it is nothing. Well, it was something and is something. Now, suddenly when some major celebrity died, we are bringing the word out of the carpet and making a pyramid with it. HYPOCRISY EXISTS.

Let me tell you this.

This article is my opinion or my view about a word which has been misunderstood by me and many others. I'm coming forward and speaking about this.

Now I am going to link hypocrisy with some of my personal thoughts about gathering information.

Hypocrisy Exists. We all know it but just don't want to talk about it. Think before you say something and say something only when you can act upon it completely. Hypocrisy starts only when you can't act upon what you said.

Either stick to it or don't, but don't be a HYPOCRITE.