Season of results, anticipation can be seen on the face of every student. From the brightest of front bench lovers to mischievous backbenchers, Results are no less than a nightmare for everyone.

In school, there is a bittersweet competition among children, from carrying registers to teacher's cabin to becoming the most loved monitor of the class, this is something we have all experienced in some or the other phases of our school life.

But what happens, is that after class 12th, this tiny sweet competition comes out of school and becomes a cut throat competition, a monster which can engulf the innovation and creativity of any bright child leaving them as another dull degree-oriented student in the row.

And at the end, everything is about Results and most importantly about Marks.
The number of marks one has scored becomes the equivalent score of their IQ and knowledge.
And what knowledge, who even talks about that?
In a society and system which functions solely on marks, how can such a complex, creativity-curbing structure survive without feeding on Marks.

No matter how much a student has studied during his/her exams, no matter how many pains and hardships they have come across and undergone and how grave situations they have faced, if they fail to achieve a predefined target score, they will be labelled as failures by the society and will become a laughing stock for people. They have brought a lot of shame for their family, and thinking about this many people even attempt suicide, because it appears easy to them as compared to attempting Entrance Exam Papers.

Because at the end, everything is about Competition and there would be an unsaid, invisible but omnipresent comparison between you and the kids of Sharma Ji ( The national example of everything supreme to raise the bars higher for others )

And in such a blind race of cat and mouse, we forget that this unhealthy competition only makes the life of children worse and miserable.

Because, we have long forgotten that Marks are not the only parameter of one's capabilities and no matter how good judgements we make, marks can never define a person's calibre.

If a person has the zest to achieve his dreams, he would achieve them no matter what happens. (And that could be an engineer too with 5 CGPA and 6 backlogs in previous semester)

Jokes apart, education's sole purpose was to impart knowledge, not to give them 100% placement, and this wrong definition that has been embedded in our minds has suppressed the budding potential of many bright and talented children.

Education does everything except educating the people about the education itself and the day it starts happening, no more talent would be trampled upon by the marks-hungry society whose insatiable greed has claimed the colourful dreams of many.