Who is a 'Good Parent' and what is the right way of 'Parenting' ?

As almost everyone know, there is no such thing as 'Perfect Parenting' or 'Perfect Parents' because 'perfection' is just an illusion of our mind.

And same goes for the child and thus one could claim that no such set of perfect parents and children ever exist in this Not-so-perfect world.

But does it means that one shouldn't strive to be good in the field of parenting?
Absolutely not.

The behaviour of a child is an outcome of his parents' behaviour and is often considered as a mirror which society refers to predict the upbringing of the child by his parents.

So, the question arises that how should parents treat their children so that they can lay the foundations for socially aware and responsible citizens in the near future.

And most importantly, what is the 'Right' way of Parenting ?

1. Be the right role model and set the right goal for them.

It is equally important that you set the right example for them to follow because if you won't then the society will.

And nobody can influence your children better than you - either in a positive way or in a negative one. So be aware of your actions that are going to embed in the subconscious mind of your child and he will follow your footsteps as you are the role model for him.

2. Love your children but in a right way.

Loving never spoils children if done in a right way. Living doesn't means fulfilling all their demands and wishes. Their demands can be insensible sometimes. It is where your decision making power comes to test.

So, don't let your Blind love spoil your children.

3. Follow the No- Thrashing rule.

Spanking or thrashing will never make your children to respect you. It will only lead to them fearing you. If you want your children to realize their mistakes, then talk about it with them. Because unnecessary thrashing would only deteriorate the situations, instead of mending it.

4. Do only what you want your child to reflect.

Your actions deeply affect your child's behaviour and thinking, especially if it is violent in nature. So think ten times before doing so, because such an action once done, can not be undone.

5. Parenting is fun. Enjoy that.

Yes, Parenting is whole lot of fun. Your little bundle of joy can teach you thousands of things which you wouldn't have noticed otherwise. So, it is equally important to live in the present and enjoy each and every moment with them.

Happy Parenting !



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