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Child welfare could be a time of services designed to confirm that youngsters square measure safe which families have the mandatory support to worry for his or her youngsters with success. Child welfare agencies typically Support or coordinate services to stop maltreatment and neglect. Children occupy nearly 40 percent of the total population. They are considered to be the assets of a society. Of 21 million children in our country are estimated to be working as child labors in various hazardous industries like match industry, fire industry, pottery industry, paper industry, cracker industry, cotton industry, textile industry, and many more industries the children are working as child labor. In our country even though we have strong laws against child labor, it doesn't have a clear view among society.

Reason for Child Labour:

There are only two main reasons for the child labor they are,

  • POVERTY: Poverty is the main reason for child labor occurs, poverty is the main reason to force these children to work in unhealthy conditions.

  • WANT OF MONEY: Want of money, parents require money for their family to sustain for their lives, so they are in a position to send their children for work.

So the above two points are the main reason for child labor and there are some other reasons for child labor, but poverty and the want of money.

Measures (or) various schemes of the various organization towards the child welfare:

UN Conventions on Rights of child (or) International Law: It formulated a set of international standards and measures to promote and protect the well being of children in our society.

Rights of the child:

(a). The right to survival: It emphasizes on good standards of living, good nutrition, and health.

(b). The right to participation: It means freedom of thought and appropriate information to the children.

(c). The right to development: It ensures access to education, childhood care, and support, social security and recreation.

(d). The right to protection: It means freedom from exploitation, inhuman treatment, and neglect.

World summit on children: It had a focussed agenda for the well being of the children targeted to be achieved at the beginning of the new millennium.

Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD): It concentrates on child's health, education, nutrition, clean and safe drinking water, sanitation and environment.

Environment degradation and child welfare:Children are most affected due to environmental pollution.

Water born diseases are the biggest threat to children. Around 6 million children are affected by these newborn diseases in India. Even the child growing in the mother's womb gets affected by environmental toxins.

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE):Its scientific report says, "children consume more water, food, and air than adults, and hence more susceptible to any environmental contamination".

So, it is essential to keep a cleaner environment for our children for a better and healthy life.



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