When you'll first see a Mosaic Artwork you'll see how tiny pieces of colorful tiles, stones, and glasses are exquisitely assembled together forming a beautiful picture that you'll never think of could be created in such custom. Records tell us that Mosaic art is created since the 3rd millennium BC and the art pieces from then still live for us to acknowledge and appreciate. If you'll research you'll get to know that Mosaic art was widely spread in ancient Greece and Rome, also mosaics were created by artists in many churches and mosques and were thought of impressive interior decor. Walls, Domes, Flooring, Ceilings were covered and decorated by these tile pieces to create good artwork. The mosaic art form was and is used to make portraits and scenarios that describe historic tales and I think that is the best way to narrate an event.

When you'll see a mosaic artwork you'll see how if a few pieces go missing the art would look incomplete just like if you miss a few ingredients in your hit recipe or if you skip some in-between lyrics of your favorite song or if you forget mentioning the important details in your answer. Mosaic art makes me believe that the tiny pieces which we ignore casually, those tiny pieces we think are not important enough when put together are capable of forming a lovely artwork. These tiny pieces will surprise you and somehow one cannot underestimate these tile pieces which certainly seem to be magical when arranged in a fine way. One would merely get lost in the compositions of the tiles the creator designs.

Mosaic art might be seen as an easy art form but the dedication and creativity one puts in is commendable. Bet mosaic art would make you pause and think over the creator's hard work whenever you spot one, it makes you appreciate the artistic efforts one puts.

If you'll stare long enough at these artworks you'll think about it, you'll consider it as a metaphor to our living, you might compare the tile pieces with your day to day happenings, you'll think of how things might be in parts and probably shattered but the pieces when arranged together form a complete image, this image complete image makes proper sense.

Mosaic art is not just a decor option but a beautiful art form and it will never fail to amaze you.


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