The drawing lessons you had in school for an hour or two where you were asked to draw the still life in front of you or the paintings which are sold at the local art store in the corner of your town's market or the colorful rangolis drawn during Diwali at each house in the neighborhood or the henna designs you make at the occasions on the palm of your hands, does that sum up to be art for you? In my opinion, Art is more than one could ever explore.

"ART is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness"-Anni Albers

ART is the power to create. Art is freedom,freedom from the invisible boundaries, freedom from the invisible hurdles lastly freedom from the invisible noises. Art is the space to express, it is the space where no one has a right to judge, it is the space where imagination is bought to life. Art is the center where one puts life in ideas. Art is the infinite space of creation.

ART is not just limited to an artist who draws and paints, the heart aching poetry which makes you feel sentimental is also Art, the melodious music that gives you hope and rises your spirit is also art, the ceramics moulded into different forms and decorated with various techniques on the outside is also art, the dance moves which make you lose yourself like there is no such thing as trouble is also art, the photographs which make you believe in the beauty of the nature through a lens is also art, the marvelous sculptors with the hint of life in it is also art, the play which convinces you that it's not the actor but you is also art. Everyone who pours their heart and empties their mind to create is an artist and every part of the creation is ART.

Art is like a story, a story you tell that could only be as you say it for no one other than you will ever have a story just as ours. Art is like an indiscipline river in this stagnant world for art is the creativity that flows without restrictions.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”- Pablo Picasso

The biggest creation is the universe where every piece of it is art and the creator is the master artist.


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