Art of ancient times have almost disappeared these days and this very much disappoints me. My love and appreciation for art started when I learned it in recent time. I am not a pro at it but just a beginner who loves to draw the ancient “WARLI ART”.

Let me introduce you to Warli art. Warli art is a style of tribal painting done by tribal people of Maharashtra’s Sahyadri range. It is still practised today in Maharashtra in regional areas and adored by the locals. This style is very old but was recognised very late in the 1970s.

What forms the major part of the art?

The painting forms majorly depiction of rural lives and mother earth and it’s natural elements. The painting is all about daily tribal lives and shows their celebration and dancing, huts, farming and food culture.

It’s pure language to convey their life stories and show their style of living and celebration. This form is a pictorial depiction of the simple life.

How is it originally painted?

It’s painted on a red brick surface with a white colour paste made up of rice and water in running consistency. The starch act as gum binding agent. A bamboo stick is crushed with stone at one end to be used as a brush to paint. Walls in huts are painted on special days to give a festive look.

Nowadays people use canvas sheets and different acrylic colours to paint it. It gives the art a modern touch by adding colours but still, the effect of the original having a red backdrop and white designs are epic.

This folk art has amazing storytelling capabilities and creates history by writing it on walls of ancient huts and caves. Tribal ways of living are preserved and carried forward through this art.

Mains colours used in this art now days are- henna, indigo, black, red, white, yellow and brown.

Importance of this art is immense. It reflects the mutual existence of nature, It's subparts and humans. The graphic detailing in this art is considered a very easy way of transferring knowledge of each generation to further.

If you are stressed and bored out of your city life and want to find comfort then pick your paintbrush and learn the art and internet will help you with this. You can also find a class nearby to learn it properly from an expert.

For travel lovers just pack your bags and experience it visually, it will be a lifetime experience and a memory worth to keep.

We should learn and appreciate the ancient and beautiful art form and spread knowledge about it. Let people discover the memories of history and learn from our ancestors and get a sight of their old way of living.



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