Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons.
Receiving chocolates, spending the day in school playing.
Uploading the childhood pictures with a nostalgic caption, spending the whole day in college and make up to the deadlines. We all miss our childhood.

Remember all the biscuits, balloons, toys, crayons, stories, games, bruises on the knee and all such small things? Remember how happy it felt to have a balloon? Remember falling down while riding the bicycle? Remember listening to stories at night? Remember not having to worry about anything? Remember how it felt to be a child? Keep that inner child alive. From checking our school diaries for homework to checking our office computers for mails, we grew up! If we carry our childhood with us, we never become older. All my childhood friends from the neighborhood and school meeting at our old spots, playing the same games, and eating the same stuff from the same shop, once again. I want to relieve with them the best days of my life, my childhood. Being a child was a fun and crazy combo topped with extra freedom and “n” number of memories. Because childhood is like being drunk. Everyone remembers what you did, except you. Winter, summer, autumn, or monsoon, I stay sleepy in all the months of any season. But the winter blanket makes me go in a coma. But now we are so much involved with our personal stuff that we don’t even have much time to sleep. Playing with your siblings is the best memory of childhood. Siblings have the most sensitive bond on planet earth. They go from friendly smiles to full flown slaps, punches, hair pulling, and pillow missiles in less than a microsecond. But....if your sibling comes to you, smiles at you, and tells you that I love you, than either your monkey has broken your stuff or wants some money. Be suspicious, very alert, and very rude. I also miss the way I took pleasure in small things, even ass greater things crumbled. I could not control the world I was in,could not walk away from the things or people or moments that hurt, but I took joy in the things that made me happy. In the world full of perfect gym bodies, be a fluffy panda with a cute tummy. I still remember how my tiny baby feet in those cute little black shoes crossed that big iron gate of the school to enter into a new world, a world that will change my life, forever. I remember how I cried my eyes out at home, pleading my mom to not send me at any bloody school. But then, I still remember how I cried inside on that farewell, that last day when I made my last step out of my second home.

Even thinking about it, now, it fills my heart with so many emotions and it fills my eyes with tears of joyous memory. School gives me such gem of friends for life. The little monkeys that we were, lost in an urban “disciplined” jungle. Well, guess what, some monkeys are still there, still running my life in the most fun way possible. Thanks for those corners in school, where we just sat and talked rubbish. Ah, those golden moments in the canteen, those extended sports periods, those crazy sport performances, and even those torturous morning assembly. I miss everything, even the things that I didn’t like back then. I miss being that innocent soul. Childhood gives me wings, when I am aimless. Sometimes, I wonder, what were those days?

Amazing, full of excitement with a handful of innocence. When watching shinchan, doraemon, dragon-tales, tom&jerry, mr.bean and many more made us laugh. Watching phineas and ferb made us feel intelligent and watching M.A.D. made us feel artistic.

When our dreams changed more than our partners in FLAMES. There was no kid who didn’t want to join CID after watching the show. And hiding slam-book from our parents was the biggest achievement. The summers were mostly passed playing super-mario and contra, covering the notebooks and text-books with brown cover and buying new school uniforms. The days were everyone collected beyblades like they were the most prized possession they owned. Today, do one thing, go to your facebook, check the stuff you’ve posted a long time back which will include betrayalquotes about the time your crush found a partner, stupid jokes, and worst of your picturres with‘mah lyf mah rulez’ as your caption and embarrass yourself. And at the same time feel goodabout it that you are not the same anymore and that’s the beauty of childhood. The most mature thing that you can ever do is to keep the child within you alive in this deadgrown-up world.



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Very True and Amazingly Written.