The ego is not master in its own house – Sigmund Freud

How many times your beautiful accomplishments have lost their way and succumbed to doubt and control of the ego?

Usually, after listening the word “ego” we all get a negative feeling about it. We feel embarrassed for having ego issues. It makes us feel that it will distant us from our beloved people and hence, we will end up having nobody but just ourselves with our big ego’s.
Therefore, we try to ignore or deny it, by saying that it doesn’t apply to us. However, the truth is we all have ego is certain proportion.

According to the literal meaning of ego, it refers to a person’s self-esteem or self-importance. It is important to have a sense of self-esteem and self-confidence in oneself. It is essential to give importance to our own-self and believe that we are valuable and worthy.
But as our ego level increases, one may find it difficult to deal with them. Our ego is capable of turning our most senseless fears seem real. When it routes in a situation it leads to generation of thoughts inspired by fear.

Our reluctance to find the source of the fear provides ego all the fuel it needs to penetrate its control or grip on our actions. In such situations, we often inflate our-self with self-worth projections. Though, it is only a false sense whose only purpose is to conceal anxiety and confusion.

We ourselves choose to define our ego; the reality remains the same. These thoughts exist and can manifest themselves in most deliberating ways at most inappropriate times.

Egoistic thoughts can prevent action. It can debilitate genius and impair greatness through fear and doubt. The odd thing is none of these ego-based fears have to make any rational sense but we still fall into becoming its victims.

In such a scenario, acceptance is the only key. We need to accept that it is okay to fear certain things. We all fear something. But, the only way to overcome our fears is; leading through them and not running from them.

The power of ego-based thoughts gain momentum through avoidance and denial. We need to push past our inner doubts and acknowledge ego-based thoughts and fears.

Let’s take this moment and promise ourselves that we will be a little more self-aware and will courageously face our fears. We will not let ego stop us on our way towards goals, dreams and aspirations.



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Wajahat Mir  •  3y  •  Reply
Letting ego go is kinda hard at times but with time, it could be done. Good stuff though