Who does not love movies?

Whatever it be, a Bollywood, Hollywood, or any regional movie, the fans never forget to show their love. Cinema has become a crucial part of our society. Growing up, hearing the crazy songs from the iconic movies from our childhood is one of the memory that will never fade away.

A person who has a passionate interest in cinema is called a cinephile, or informally, movie buff. The love for movies is nowadays not limited to only the actors but extends to the story and plot also. The fans have a high demand for good stories and cinematography. Even the directors are also no less famous than the actors and have a huge fan following.

Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan, David Lynch are some of the most renowned directors of all time.

Some of the great directors began as cinephiles.

This love has resulted in a billion dollar industry. Anyone could find the amount of labor, hardships, and resources that go into the making of films. Many people earn their bread by critiquing the movies and had made it a full-time job. The internet is filled with movie analysis, spoilers, and even explanations for the plot. Thousands of websites are dedicated just for this. Many blogs are assigned only for providing the fans exposure to the various upcoming movies and the great movies made. They have headings like "Top movies from the year," "Movies to watch before you die" and many more — all of this just for the fans.

Even language is no longer a barrier for these movie enthusiasts. All the great movies now come with subtitles from all the major speaking languages all around the globe. Also, the movie producer tries to dub the audio in as many languages as possible. All of this hard work for the movie buffs. A cinephile would find it amusing if they found out a person has not seen a movie with subtitles. A film with the name " Me before You" with alead character named William (Will) Traynor finds himself utterly amazed when he came to know that another lead named Louisa Clark has never seen a movie with subtitles. This was the conversation that happened between them-

William Traynor- 'I’m just amazed that you can have reached the ripe old age of - what was it? '

Louisa Clark- 'Twenty-six.’

William Traynor- 'Twenty-six, and never have watched a film with subtitles.’

This shows the amount of love a cinephile has for his movies and why not, the cinema is so magical that it demands the respect it gets. Movies have the power to change the world and can show the society happiness, sadness, injustice, justice, sorrow, in fact, everything that ordinary human experiences, so that each person can resonate it with their own life and try to give more meaning to their own life.