Dear future me

I have no idea about who are you right now? Or who you will be? But I am sure that you are a confident women today. I wish that everything you have experienced has made you a strong women. I hope every person you have surrounded yourself with, has influenced you to become who you are today. I hope a little part of me is still there inside you. I also hope that you managed yourself to get rid of most of me. I want you to be a better person. I don't want the present me to be the future me. I hope you have become someone I would be proud of and you know this is the only criteria that you have to fulfill.

As of right now it seems that all the memories I have about our past aren't the greatest and I hope that you have managed to make better ones along the way. Beyond that, I don't want you to forgot the sacrifices that our parents made to make sure that we get access to every chance of success the earth could afford to give us. I hope you understand, the way I hate everything about myself from hair, face to my skin, it was not at all necessary. I hope you no more feel useless or unimportant.

Sometimes my heart pounds in my chest, hands starts to shake, it becomes hard to breathe, and everything grows dizzy. My fear of not being okay seems to make me not okay. The fear of not being a burden to other people becomes a burden I have to face. The fear of not being whole leaves a hole in my personality. I hope you are a fearless person today.

I hope you understand the privilege of being born. I hope you understand the privilege of your family. I hope you no more hate your family like I did. I hope you know who you are and who your real friends are. I hope you no more trust people with all the faith in you. I hope it is no more easy to fool you. I hope you are no more an open book. I hope you smile more and cry less. I hope you fulfilled all the aspirations of your parents. I hope you brought out the best in you.



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Kanika Singla  •  4y  •  Reply
Nicely written. More power to you. :)
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All the best to your future self