OH!!!! There is sudden fall of prices in petrol. Then?? The elections are near in India. As 2019 is approaching near the fear of the elections have begun all around the country. It has become most hot favourite topic for the reporters to show in news channels. The most of the channels arrange debate in which the members of the respective party are invited. The ruling party mainly focuses on the topic of the good work they did. While the opposition party focuses on the bad points or the adverse effect came due to the decision taken by them during the 5-year term.

Just now, according to many citizens the current Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi will continue to his terms for next 5 years. But the report and survey suggest that it's going to be very difficult for him to win the upcoming elections due to few reasons. According the sources the main reason which will affect the BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party) is the Demonetization rule which came out for the welfare of the country but actually it affected the poor much rather then high-class society. they had to suffer a lot after this decision. Also, the market went down due to which it became difficult for many vendors to spend his livelihood easily. Also, this time Rahul Gandhi is with more self confidence on the field. The main reason behind loosing of elections in 2014 for Congress was that, they were not able to present among the people what they are going to do for the nation due to poor way of presentation and lack of quality in delivering speeches. But this time he is fully prepared due to which his chances then previous elections increased.

Now the decision who wins the next election is in the hand of the youngsters who are well educated and can understand the situation better. We can hope from them that they will vote not for the party but the individual who is better in their area. And who can take decision for the welfare of the nations.