Decision Changes, Life Reverses

Harshita Garg
Jul 21, 2019   •  31 views

There are times when we tend to take as big decisions as to start a healthy lifestyle or to choose a career option and as small as what to dress for the party or how to resolve any fighting issue between the two. These are daily issues that judges your thinking ability and decision making skills. Here are some points that will help to make true and good decisions:

Make Quick decisions

"Successful people make decisions quickly and firmly, unsuccessful ones make decisions slowly and they change them often."

The main ability that a good decision maker possesses is to make decisions quickly. Making decisions quickly means to understand the situation properly and then make decisions not making them in a quick mood. Understand the situation fully checking all the pros and cons of it in the future and then make any decision accordingly.

"Sometimes late becomes never"

Stay Committed to yourself

It is a one-word motivation that keeps you awake all the time and applies to your life in every sense. You can only make decisions when you are committed to taking it. When you ignore the situation, you may lose a growing opportunity. Commit to work. It can be a short term goal or long term goals, all you need is to be committed. Even then if you fail, you will not give up and will work on yourself to make a change in your decision that leads to your failure. It will grow you, show you up and will prove that your decisions were right.

"Stay committed to your decision, but flexible to your approach."

Analyze before making decisions

"Without proper analysis, you can just dream to touch your goals."

After setting your mind theoretically, through your commitment, just make it practical by doing it. Before doing it, analyze the work you are going to do or the decision you are going to make. Analyzation means finding everything about the thing related to which you are taking any decision. Even if your decision is quick and related to your work, it may prove the worst if it doesn't match with the surroundings and current scenario.

A proper analysis leads to a proper conclusion.

Be Thoughtful

"A small group of thoughtful people can change the world, whereas the reverse happens even worst."

Only a thoughtful person can estimate everything correctly and then take actions. You should be knowledgeable enough to know and act on a particular thing.Think big to get big. A person becomes successful two times, first in mind than in reality.

Let's take an example.

Suppose you have an exam after two days and you don't have much time to read and learn the whole book. In that time a quick and strong decision is necessary to save you for that day. And that can only be taken if you are committed to yourself and your parents to pass the exam. Here, you should be thoughtful enough to think that it is not the time to take a book and read line by line, its the time to learn from notes and prepare all the important topics properly. You can choose the important topic only when you have analyzed last year question papers and notes properly.

This is what a quick, committed, analyzed and a thoughtful decision is. This is at the basic level and almost everyone takes it. I am not promoting last-minute decisions but it's only an example to show the importance of decision making.

Taking correct decisions in your life is what makes you better and different from others.