Have You Felt These Things You Have Felt But Can’T Explain?

You know those weird feelings in your stomach and chest you just can’t explain but feel anyway? Like knowing that you are out of place or gradually forgetting about fun experiences you just had?

Yeah I have too.

I actually stumbled across this concept while scrolling through my Instagram feed and I was made unexpectedly aware of these feelings. I found it really interesting so why not share?

Here are some of the feelings I feel more regularly than others:

1.    Adronitis: The frustration felt when you really want to know someone you just met in and out but you have to go through the whole social process of repeated interaction to get to that point. Let’s face it: we all hate small talk.

2.    Mauerbauertraurigkeit: This word refers to the urge to push everyone, even those closest to you, far away. Sometimes I just need breaks from ‘people’-ing and I definitely think these breaks are important for mental peace!

3.    Liberosis: This means wanting to care less about things. This feeling is something I’m often confronted with, especially when it comes to things out of my control. Creating unnecessary worry and stress for your self is annoying as hell.

4.    Anecdoche: This word refers to those conversations in which people talk over each other just for the sake of saying something. No one is really listening to the conversation, they’re just talking.

5.    Fata Organa: Catching the glimpse of true emotion felt by another person sitting across the room such as boredom or vulnerability. This is basically how we are with our best friends. Our bestie may be laughing and smiling during a stupid conversation, but only we can see them secretly rolling their eyes out of frustration. Shane Dawson, and most empaths I guess, has come to be somewhat of an expert with this topic (you know conspiracy theories and all).

6.    Heartworm: A relationship or friendship that is stuck in your brain, which even after you thought you forgot about it, is still somehow there and is unfinished. I had a really close friend who lived in my neighborhood when I was in the 3rd grade. He was really funny and someone who I just felt like blabbering with hours on end. Then one day he moved and we lost touch. We weren’t even friends for very long. Yet, today I still remember him, thinking about where he is now and how much he has changed.

7.    Xeno: That insignificantly small human connection that you have with others, specifically strangers. I remember being on the metro one day when a fight broke out. Everyone in the compartment started arguing with one another, while a lady sitting next to me and I just gave the “uff how stupid” look to one another.

We humans are weird. I mean, animals don’t feel things like this, do they?!