Amidst The Celebrations, On The Verge To Lose Kashmir.

Akanksha Bisht
Jun 24, 2019   •  45 views

"Yeh naya Hindustan hai, yeh Hindustan ghar mein ghusega bhi, aur maarega bhi", this dialogue impregnates every bit of our existence with patriotism, respect, and anger for those who killed our Jawans.

While we celebrate our brave Jawans, after the surgical strikes and every small victory in the remote districts of Kashmir.

Why do we forget the people we are fighting for? Or is it just a piece of disputed land of Kashmir that we are yearning for?

These questions can actually make you wonder, what happens in the picturesque Kashmir Valley that was supposed to be a peaceful coexistence. (Like any other state of India)

What circumstances led to the Kashmir we see now?

Maharaja Hari Singh, Hindu ruler of a Muslim population decided to stay independent of Pakistan and India, immediately after August 15, 1947.

A standstill agreement was also signed between Pakistan and Kashmir. But an attack by Pakistani tribal elements, distorted the serenity of the land forever.

Maharaja Hari Singh had to sign the ‘Instrument of Accession’ in favour of India, to save its people from the wrath of Pakistani army. And it got a special status in the Union of India.

Now, Kashmir is on the verge of losing its own identity!

As what was supposed to be autonomous (state of Kashmir) after signing the ‘Instrument of Accession’ and enacting Article 370 of the Indian Constitution.

It is influenced by the politicisation of events, bureaucracy and the Indian forces (Army, Special task forces, Rashtriya Rifles etc.).

Majorly the politics revolve around Article 370 and it’s abrogation. Do we fear the special status of the state? But we hide that fear under the garb of “protecting the integrity of the Union of India”.

This reminds me of what Arundhati Roy said, and I quote, “Kashmir has never been an integral part of India. It is a historical fact. Even the Indian government has accepted this”.

But the irony of the situation is, Article 3 of Jammu and Kashmir Constitution accepts that they are an integral part of Union of India. And the power to make a separate Constitution for J&K is bestowed by Article 370.

How are we losing a state protected by Indian Army?

The World Cup cricket match, India vs Pakistan was phenomenal. We won, and of course ‘Baap Baap hota hai’ (displaying on the Television ads before the match).

You must be thinking, why is she talking about the match?

On the day of this defining moment, we glued ourselves to our sofas with eyes fixed on the television. The excitement after the win, was because we won from “Pakistan” (Our greatest enemy of all times).

This is how exactly we want to win from Pakistan at every forum.

According to United Nations Human Development reports, India ranks 129 while Pakistan is at 149. If this makes you happy! Sadly, we are even below Iraq which ranks 120.

We are losing Kashmir, because we see it from the eyes of national media. Our perspective is formed according to what we see.

According to a research paper “MEDIA AND POLITICS: THE CURIOUS CASE OF KASHMIR” by Salika Rashid and Subhavya Singh (Political Science students of Delhi University):

“National media only shows the national issues which are beneficial for the government like relations with Pakistan, terrorist activities, police encounters, etc. Whereas, the regional media focuses on the issues like unemployment, poverty, bad economic conditions, etc.”

Widespread anti-nationalism in Kashmir?

The militant groups attract innocent youngsters, anger oozes out of the stone pelters, a hike in separatist groups is a tacit expression of anti-nationalism.

This is how we judge Kashmir Valley!!

Intriguingly, the cause and effect relationship apply to this situation. We just need to see beyond our distorted lenses, formed by the blame game.

The ruling party blames the opposition for the current situation, and vice versa. We blame Pakistan and it’s terrorist outfits, and Pak media blames India for occupying Kashmir.

Somewhere in between we forget the impact it has on the children living there. They see what they shouldn't, hear the hate mongers, and experience hostility. And down the line, lose faith in their country – India.

A true nationalist would want their country’s children to flourish, to be jolly and happy, get the best education, and become great leaders. Most importantly grow with love for their country within their hearts, but this love cannot be shoved down their throat.


Rather than taking sides of a political party, and continuing the blame game. If we spread the awareness about what our people in Kashmir are suffering from, maybe they can have a better future.

The state has seen bloodshed, wars, loss of loved ones. Have some EMPATHY for them!!

Hate mongering or Peaceful coexistence?What’s your take?