Do No Fear To Be Eccentric In Opinion, For Every Opinion Now Accepted Was Once Eccentric

Aishwarya Agarwal
Apr 15, 2019   •  206 views

Have you ever noticed how a child is always curious and intrigued by everything? However, somehow as most of us grow up, we subside this trait of ours and stop asking questions that we afraid might make us look stupid in front of others.

Newton’s law of gravity is a basic concept that every individual is aware of. But have we ever considered that, we would have never come across this law if Issac Newton hadn’t discovered it? Before his discovery, we compromised with the fact that every object ultimately falls to the ground but no one was aware of the logic behind it. It was Issac Newton’s curiosity and ability of not giving up that made the whole world aware of the ‘Law of Gravity’. This is an example of being eccentric in opinion.

But before we move forward, let’s understand the meaning to being eccentric.
According to psychologist Dr. David Weeks, there are around 15 characteristics that can be attributed to an eccentric individual. An eccentric person has a non-conforming attitude, is creative, curious, and has outspoken nature. They find logics in everything they see around and based on those logics, an opinion is formed in their mind.

“It is not uncommon for people to spend their whole life waiting to start living.” - Eckhart Tolle

There are several mindsets, which have been hovering around since ages. It is possible that someone may not be able to find logic behind such mindsets. But due to fear of what people will think or say, we keep following the same trends. But in this process, we leave out on one major aspect. It was an individual itself who once set the mindset that we are holding on to today. Let’s take an example. The myth about mensuration that has been going on since ages that women are impure during their mensuration is something that raises question in a youth’s mind. But if we raise this question in front of our elders, the obvious reaction would be – “This is how it is supposed to be and it is a age long tradition. So you need to follow the same”. This answer does not fulfill the curiosity. So, if we don’t stop at that point and keep our curiosity on, we either will know the logic behind the age old tradition or would be able to change this tradition once and for all. Thus, having an eccentric opinion is essential.

To conclude, I think we will all agree that successful entrepreneurs and influential individuals are always those who are not afraid to stand out of the crowd and believe in their intuition and logic no matter however nonconforming and unconventional their logic might be. If we believe in our thinking process and ourselves, the world will eventually accept it and may even embrace it with pride.