To me, teenage life is synonymous to a roller coaster ride. One moment up ; touching the skies & admiring heights. Other moment, down, playing with the muddy situations of life.

Why particularly teenage life? Because literally, this particular phase of life either leads you to your best version or creates tons of barriers between you & your best version. You're emotionally as unstable as the baby craving for different toys. During this phase, you bloom with every achievement & fall with every failure. Both motivation & demotivation come easy.

Things excite you way too easily yet you feel disinterested within fraction of seconds. You throw tantrums without giving anything much thought. You become a chaotic yet wonderfully beautiful jumble of emotions. You feel deeply, your feelings know no bounds. You fly, you fall. You scream, you calm down. A lovely mess? Definitely yes.

Teenage life is a blend of all the seasons, you know. Your spring is your learning phase. You learn & with every lesson you blossom. Every lesson adds to your beauty & growth. And, the aura around you is as attractive as those of almond blossoms during the spring season.

Summer, ah. In teenage phase, summer is the phase you feel most emergized & active. It's as if you feel you've learned your lessons & are the master of your life. You feel like you're equipped with everything you need to deal with the cold storms life at times has to offer. You bedeck your face with a bright, warm smile & imagine a life blooming with flowers of your dreams & goals.

Yet, autumn is not far. Even in this very phase. You fall. Yes, you do. But, to get up, & stand up better. Autumn teaches you that you haven't mastered life as yet & have a long, long way to go. The failures make you sober & at the same time make you realize why autumn is loved by one & all. "We fall to unleash something beautiful that's been dead inside us". And, as we age with every experience & lesson, we start admiring fall because it's fall that helps us reach to our strong core. During this phase, we realize what's real golden & what's just another form of ash.

And, as autumn is going about the lessons, arrives in this teenage phase, the cold chill giving winter. While snow falls & cold winds blow, we come to the realization that our experiences enlighten us from within like light enlightens snow & snowflakes. Like snow bedecks the soul of everything, our wisdom bedecks our soul. Like snow cleanses, everything, our lesson cleanse us to look for good in everything. Like snow beautifies everything, who we choose to become beautifies us from within.

Such is teenage life. Ups. Downs. Lessons. Experiences. Beauty. Mess. Everything. Anything.

Make your teenage life worth recapping, worth chershing. Enjoy all these beautiful seasons equally. Don't escape from even one of these. Follow the rule of nature. As they say, " Rule of nature is patience. " Practice & absorb the power of patience.

You"ll see beautiful flowers of bliss growing in the garden of life.

Teenage life, let the roller coaster go in every possible direction. Practice the balance, yeah!