Depression, you all must know, a state of mind which is beyond being sad and feeling empty from the core.

This term 'Depression' has now become a trend. Of course I feel no one should go through such type of devastating experience of feeling empty and lonely to the point where you feel you have no one to talk to. One should think it as a disease one should get rid of rather than watering it everyday to make it more stronger.

But nowadays the scenario is different, people are getting their mind confused between sadness and depression. Everything for them comes under the ultimate tag of depression. No matter whatever is going on in their life people just prefer to term it as feeling depressed. I'm not saying there aren't real case of people suffering, of course there are more than depression cases one could think of mostly among the teenagers.

And one should never feel lonely or shy to open about their mental health,because there's always someone who would understand your suffering. My point here is the way everyone feels depressed nowadays is it really healthy for the youngsters? Or it has just become a fashion to be depressed to sound lonely or having some sort of sympathy, this is not the case for everyone but nowadays you would see every other person posting sad stuff be it about love life or anything where they feel sad and consider it to be depression.

You just have to realize the difference between being sad and depressed there's a hell lot of difference. And maybe every one or other person goes through that phase at least once in their life but to cling onto that phase is stupidity. Just because you're now getting attention or feeling privileged to be depressed you can't blame every wrong in your life is because you're depressed. You have to find a way out of that black hole because that's no good place to be or to brag about. This is something the fast people realize the better it is,and also to help others getting out of it.

Because once you're out of that phase you will realize the better aspect of life which is so much more than what you apprehend.

It's normal to be sad sometimes but concluding every situation with depression is what is not normal.