Why Arijit Singh Is Everyone's Favourite?

Aditya Dadheech
Jun 15, 2019   •  222 views

Have you ever wondered why people love Arijit's voice so much. What it is all about. He is my favourite too but I will not be talking as his fan. Though I am his huge fan.

Arijit's love for Music

He has devoted his life to music since the age of three. That is why we see him as one of the most versatile and successful singers in the history of Indian Music. His parents saw his love for music and made sure to give him the best training so that he could pursue what he loved . They too saw some charisma in him which is now seen by the whole world.

He sings all his songs by heart and that touches the heart of people. When you do something with full dedication and give your 100% to it, it shows how determined you are. This goes with Arijit. This is why we get to hear atleast one of his songs in every movie.

Arijit as a Romantic Singer

He started his music career with Bengali songs and practised Indian Classical Music. But as he moved on, he practised more of modern singing as was suggested by his guru Rajendra Prasad Hazari.

He made his Bollywood debut with the song Phir Mohabbat from Murder 2. This was his way of telling people that 'a singer has stepped his foot in Bollywood'. From then, his existence was felt by people. He went on to sing in most of the movies. Many singers, lyricists, music directors praised his voice and he was given many offers. There cannot be a limit to choose the favourite out of all as all the songs are soothing to the heart. His soulful voice made him as one of the greatest singers of this generation.

Some of his songs are too close to the heart like Duaa, Tum Hi Ho, Raabta, Phir Le Aya Dil, Kabira, Tose Naina, Kabhi Jo Baadal Barse, Mast Magan, Muskurane, Humdard, Judaai, Agar Tum Saath Ho, Pal Kaisa Pal, Channa Mereya. This is a never ending list!

There is something special in him as his songs touch the heart. They are stress reliever, calm and peaceful. Lets take an example, the song Tum Hi Ho was a huge hit. Although the lyrics were great but also Arijit added some magic to it with his voice. It is still counted in favourites of many including me! The song Naina from Dangal made us cry as it was sung so beautifully. I still sing Humdard as it touches my heart. As I said earlier, the list is never ending!

Arijit's Genre

There is not a particular genre in which Arijit sings. Although he has been given the title of 'Romantic Singer', he believes that a singer should be able to sing in every genres. He is ready to sing a song despite it's genre and gives his best which is why his songs are a hit. Through his career, he has explored various musical styles like Sufi in Mast Magan , Party song in Sooraj Dooba Hai or Raat Bhar , Punjabi Folk in Mast Magan, etc.

He has tried every genre; be it bengali, with which he started, or romantic or party songs or classical music, he is good at everything.

Once he sang a soulful ghazal Rishton ke Saare Manzar which was so soothing. There are some songs which are full of emotions like Tera Yaar Hoon Mai, Pal, Roke Na Ruke Naina, Mehram.

He believes that Independent Music needs to be redefined in India and is working on some independent music projects. But he thinks that Bollywood music has overpowered it.

This is clear from here that ARIJIT SINGH has set a benchmark for upcoming singers. Every singer is special in his/her own way. So there's no chance of comparing two singers. The music which Arijit gives us is intense, passionate and emotional. He sings with full power and make sure that people love his songs like nothing else. Most singers and composers have reviewed his voice many times and come up with new words to acknowledge his work. This sums up to us why he is loved by everyone!