The Bible depicts Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the World. "Behind and underneath the Bible, well beyond the Bible, is the God of the book of scriptures." The Bible is God's composed disclosure of his will to men. Its focal subject is salvation through Jesus Christ. The Bible contains 66 books, composed by 40 writers, covering a time of around 1600 years. The Old Testament was composed generally in Hebrew (a couple of short entries in Aramaic). Around 100 years or more or before the Christian time the whole Old Testament was converted into Greek language. Keep in mind our English Bible is the interpretation from these unique dialects.

The word BIBLE is taken from the Greek word "biblos". The word confirmation signifies "contract" or understanding. The Old Testament is the agreement of God made with man about his salvation before Christ came. The New Testament is the understanding God made with man about his salvation after Christ came. In the Old Testament we discover the pledge of law. In the New Testament we discover the pledge of elegance which came through Jesus Christ. One drove into the other (GALATIONS3:17-25).

The Old starts what the New finishes. The Old accumulates around Sinai-the New around Calvary. The Old is related with Moses-the New with Christ. The creators were lords, sovereigns, writers and logicians, prophets and statesmen. Some were found out in every one of expressions of the human experience of times and the others were unschooled angler. Different books before long are outdated however this book ranges the hundreds of years. Most books must be adjusted to age however old and youthful alike love this book. Most books are common and just intrigue the general population in whose dialects it was composed, yet not this book. Nobody ever stops to suppose it was written in what are currently dead dialects. The Old Testament starts with God and the New Testament starts with Christ. From Adam to Abraham we have the historical backdrop of mankind. From Abraham to Christ we have the historical backdrop of the picked race. From Christ on we have the historical backdrop of the Church.

A great many people's learning of history resembles string of graduated pearls without the string is said by an antiquarian. This announcement is by all accounts particularly valid for Bible History. Numerous individuals know the Bible Characters and the vital occasions, however they are miserably lost when they are called upon to interface the accounts all together. Any individual who has encountered the rush of figuring out how to put the individual characters in their correct setting as to place and time can understand the distinction it makes in his delight in God's promise. In this way, attempt to get the pearls in the sacred texts and string them together into request from Genesis to Revelation with the goal that one can thoroughly consider the Bible story.



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