How To Start Talking With Women

Abhiraj Das
Mar 11, 2019   •  1 view

If you want to improve your dating life, you NEED to know how to talk to girls.

“Pick-up” lines and pre-rehearsed stories will only get you so far. Without the right tools, you will never make it past boring small talk.

In this article I’ll teach you 9 keys for charming her, getting her out on a date, and making the move. It doesn’t matter if you want a girlfriend or a hook-up, these tips will get the job done.

#1: Confirm, Confirm, Confirm

If you don’t confirm your date, there is a high chance of flaking.

Humans are creatures of habit. If we can find an excuse to avoid attending an event, there’s a good chance we’ll take it. And girls are no exception to this rule.

You need to check-in and confirm the date MULTIPLE times…

  • The night before: “Hey Julia, hope your weeks going well. We still good for tomorrow at 9?”
  • And again the afternoon of the date: “Hey see you at 9 tonight”

Following up is so crucial because it makes the plan feel REAL in her mind. It also makes it harder for her to justify being lazing and flaking. By simply sending these 2 messages, you will almost guarantee she shows up.

#2: Hug Her Immediately

First impressions are crucial —wear a sharp outfitand hug her as soon as she arrives.

Don’t hesitate and wait to see what she’s going to do. Don’t give her a handshake. Take the lead and get the date started on the right foot. This will avoid awkwardness and make both of you feel comfortable together.

I know this sounds basic, but honestly getting the small stuff right is more than half the battle. Put yourself in a good position to succeed, and the rest of the night will be easy.

#3: Keep the Conversation Focused on Her

Ok, so what are someeasy conversation topicsyou can use on the date?

Simple. Keep the majority of the conversation focused on her…

  • Find out what she is passionate about
  • Discover her most exciting stories
  • Make guesses what shes likes (in a flirtatious way)

When you consistently drive the conversation towards her, it makes it a lot easier to think of things to say. Plus, people love talking about themselves so it will be fun and engaging for her as well.

RECAP: How to Talk to Girls

The best way to talk to girls is to be honest and keep things moving forward.

You should always ask her out as soon as possible to steer clear of the friend-zone and avoid wasting your time. When texting, always set the date up as soon as possible so you can actually hang out with her in person.

And finally, when you’re on the date, keep the conversation focused on her passions and experiences. She will love talking about herself, and also quickly become curious about you