5 Life Lesson From The Indian Army Life

Aayush Sharma
Apr 21, 2019   •  36 views

Every day each one of us deals with lots of problems, even maximum of us think's that "why only me ", "what's my fault" etc.if you want to live a peaceful life, keep in your mind "ANOTHER NAME OF LIFE IS PROBLEM".No matter what you are whether you are a businessman, billionaire, student, etc, you need to deal with all this stuff every day no matter what it cost and you what feel.

Everyone wants happy, tension-free, work less and enjoy life, but How? .As our parents said when you tell " THIS WORLD TEACH YOU SO MANY THINGS JUST WAIT AND BE STRONG", your friends said, "KEEP CALM AND EVERYTHING WILL BE OK".

To understand what life really is you can understand by some of your parents, teachers and those people who achieve something in their life.

Now today we are going to see the 5 life lesson experience by capt. Raghu Raman in his military career.

I try to explain this 5 lesson in my way. so let's move forward

1. Don't cry for small stuff , Life is much much bigger than that.

Many time we start arguing with others on small -small that really doesn't matters , we blame others when we are in problem, fight for little things etc.

by all this thing you just lose your precious time. In the future, you will face so many big problems. instead of this set your mind to achieve something in your life that will really benefit you.

2. Many times you fail in something in life , and that failure is something in life is designed to bring out your real strength.

jack ma, acofounded and chairs Alibaba Group, one of the world's largest e-commerce businesses fails in 30 interviews after graduation but he never gives, he identifies his real strength and become chairperson of the Alibaba Group, he'snot only one many other like Steve jobs, Elon musk even you and me also failed somewhere in something in life . Is failing in something defines you that you are nothing for this world? .no, you are failing due to some reason and instead of focus on your losing something your focus should be on how to bounce back and win the situation with full enthusiasm.

3. Life is full of bad lucks, but remember they are one of the best teachers who teach you.

When you face so many bad lucks in your life always keep in your mind you will be rewarded someday in your life with extra benefits. Whenever you deal with the problem you always one step forward to become the best version of yourself.

4. Don't take time lightly, be serious about your life.

Time never stops, your happiness, hard time, hard work, etc you need to experience in this particular time only. try to make this time happier and worthy for yourself.

5. Whenever you get a success you achieve on the shoulders of your parents, teacher, well wishers, who have stood to allow you to stand and reach your height.

your success is not only your success, their so many efforts your success behind given by your parents, teacher and well-wishers. they give them today for your future.

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Khushi Bharmoria  •  28w  •  Reply
Amazing! These were really good.
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Nice article👌👌
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heyy.. beautifully written. Kindly check my articles too