Nowadays, people are fond of travelling. But few people have confidence in themselves to travel alone. Less people prefer solo travelling as they have fear or may be they haven't travel alone in their life.

Solo travelling is fun and a totally different experience anyone could have. It leads to many beautiful everlasting experiences and it does have so many advantages too.

You can discover new things, explore different places and at the same time explore ourselves too. When you travel alone you can be in that moment and enjoy itto the fullest.

You get the liberty and you don't have to think about anyone else's likes or dislikes.May be, you can say the King/Queen of your own wishes and desires. And you can make any plans according to your own comfort zone and head to that direction.

It leads to discovering yourself and take resolutions of your own.
Traveling alone doesn't mean you are alone for all the time. You can interact with the new people around you. You can make connections and know about more values and cultures because it differs from person to person. You can add up and learn so many things.

Solo traveling removes agitation and makes us more self assured. Getting out of our comfort zone and facing the scenerio alone leads us to be a more confident person.Traveling alone is something in which you can just rely on yourself and nobody else. And this is something where we can learn tobe independent and solve the problems coming in our way of our own.

So, for once in a lifetime you should travel alone and develop yourself in a better way.

"Step out of the comfort zone
And go for travel alone
It will lead your life into a different direction
And this experience will be your foremost affection."