Well many might look at the title and be like, what?
But, yes I do.

I feel like it's the time when I enjoy university the most. I may be different but I take exams with a completely different approach. I don't prepare too much, just enough. I go into the exam hall to write a little and have so fun most importantly. I joke with the supervisors and mostly they are like, "What is wrong with this guy?"

All my life I never really worried about grades, I just used to get good grades all the time.
All through the semester, classes are boring, no one really feels like studying unless there's one week left for the exams.

The mindset with which I go to write an exam is that no matter what, I've to find a way to get everything done as per the question paper, be that writing answers, looking back and checking my friends answers and what not.

Sometimes I used to take it to a whole different level and go all in and then the inviglator would eventually notice me and stay infront of me the whole exam and wouldn't let me look anywhwere. All my classmates used to thank me because I took all the attention of the teacher while they cheated without any problem.

With exams what I love most is that is a productive time, where I study as much is need and write in the exam and everything is done, it is like a quick return, maybe I lack patience of the semester long studying for the exam in the end.

During exams I love how I could fall asleep on the terris in the heat and even staring at a wall becomes more intersting than Interstellar, the movie. I suddenly begin to remember all the things I love to do except studies.

To sum it all up, while others start getting terrified of the exams getting closer, I start getting excited because it is finally go time.

& everything is fair in love and exam!



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Soni Tyagi  •  1y  •  Reply
Same problem dear,I am an adict of exams,still giving some of without studying.i really enjoy this blog.check mine too
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Aditi  •  1y  •  Reply
Well written! Please check out my articles too! :)
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You wrote really amazing Check my articles tooo