All my life I thought I was good on my own and never needed anybody. I thought happiness came from within and please don't get me wrong happiness does comes from within. I always thought having my own back was the right way to go about living life.

I always thought all this friendship stuff was a lie and that friends stay for some time and eventually leave, so why bother myself.

But the more I live life the more I understand that having people around you is always a positive. Time helped me understand that whether you have good or bad people, they are a blessing, they are the essential lessons we need to learn from and they eventually help us to live life the right way.

All my life I avoided cousins, friends thinking they were the problem but trust me it was me who was becoming the problem but I realised it at last.

The funny thing is whenever I had to go somewhere I ignored at first but eventually when I went, I used to enjoy it a lot, that made me realise no matter how you are feeling , just go and hangout with people you love and enjoy every moment because at the end of the day we don't know how much time we got here, might as well live it right.



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I appreciate it!
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Very true!