Not Every Wish Is Fulfilled😅

Vishal Jain
May 27, 2019   •  215 views

Everyone of us are full of dreams and wishes. The only difference that I feel between Dreams and Wishes is that for our Dreams ~We toil to accomplish them , And for our Wishes ~ We depend on others to toil for us.

At first it seems that Wishes are completely unnecessary and nagging but its not true. Wishes upto some extent are necessary but after that they become unnecessary 😉. Wishes are not always Happy going, that means Not Every Wish is fulfilled.

The main reason behind this may be that its fulfillment is totally exogenous and a person is always dependent on others for their(wishes) accomplishment.

For students like me, like you, like others , our Parents are our wizards that have a magic wand to fulfill our wishes. But not every Parent has the same wand with the same power ,i.e. Everyone’s financial condition is different from that of others . Some are able to fulfill the needs of their children and some the so called Well Versed class is busy completing their children’s wishes 😅.

Its quite normal for everyone of us to face or go through the instances when we feel that our financial condition is not that good as of our friends’. Gradually we envy them. We start taking our lives as a stigma on mankind and many more err feelings about us gather us and start affecting our Senses😣

We must understand the fact that not everything that is happening in our lives would be appealing or would happen in the way we want them to happen.

How can we even expect anything to be in our favour without making a step towards it, without even realising the pain that others have experienced to achieve the same. How can you achieve anything without struggling for it. Its a universal fact , that to achieve something, you must part with something. How can we waste our time being jealous from others and at the same time expect us to enjoy the same thing of which we are being jealous 😉.

There is a time for everything. Everything, every situation comes in our life at specific time when it is good for us. The people toiling for a Wish , Earns it😎and those getting them because of being over pampered by their parents , just get it😅.

All of us must learn to live in the situations where our wishes are not fulfilled. It needs a great courage to live among those people who are having all of their wishes being fulfilled. We people are fortunate who get the chance to convert our wishes into our dreams and to work out a way to achieve them. The children who are getting all unnecessary things they want from others are unable to enjoy the sweetness of fruit they are getting 😎

If you earn your wish,
You worth it😉
But if you get it,
You are not worth it 😅



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Surely i would
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Wrote well Check my articles tooo
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Amazing work😍❤️