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At today's condition, ozone depletion is one of the causes of spreading new disease its main issue is the burning of plastic and the emission coming out from the vehicles and various types of industries, so this is the cause of the air pollution let us see briefly about the air pollution in this topic. Air pollution can be defined as, "the presence of two or more contaminants like dust, smoke, mist, and odor in the atmosphere which are injuries to the human beings, plants, and animals."Now you all know what is air pollution then now we are going to see sources of air pollution and it's worse effects on human beings, plants, and animals.

The rapid industrialization, fast urbanization rapid growth in population, a drastic increase in vehicles on the roads and other activities of human beings have disturbed the balance of the natural atmosphere.

Sources of Air Pollution:

The sources of air pollution are of two types they are,

Natural sources:

Examples: Volcanic eruptions, forest fires, biological decay, pollen grains, marshes, radioactive materials, etc...

These pollutants are caused by natural sources.

Man-made (anthropogenic) activities:

Examples: Thermal power plants, vehicular emissions, fossil fuel burning, agricultural, etc...

Classification of Air Pollutants:

Depending upon the form (origin) of pollutants present in the environment, they are classified as

  • Primary air pollutants

  • Secondary pollutants

Primary air pollutants: Primary air pollutants are those emitted directly in the atmosphere in harmful form.

Example: CO, NO, SO2, etc...

Indoor Air Pollutants: Indoor air pollutants are primary air pollutants. The most important indoor air pollution is radon gas.

Sources (causes) of indoor air pollutants:

Radon gas is emitted from the building materials like bricks, concrete, tiles, etc..., which are derived from soil containing radium.

It is also present in natural gas and groundwater and is emitted indoors while using them.

Burning of fuels in the kitchen, cigarette smoke liberates the pollutants like CO, SO2, formaldehyde, BAP (benzo-(a) pyrene).

Secondary air pollutants:

Some of the air pollutants may react with one another or with the basic components of air to form new pollutants. They are called secondary air pollutants.


NO/NO2------------(HNO3/NO3) etc...

Control Measures of Air Pollution:

  1. Use only unleaded petrol.

  2. Use petroleum products and other fuels that have low sulfur and ash content.

  3. Reduce the number of private vehicles on the road by developing an efficient public transport system and encouraging people to walk or use cycles.

  4. Use catalytic converters to help to control the emission of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons.

  5. Industries and waste disposal sites should be situated outside of the city center preferably downwind of the city.