In this era of duplicity, people seem to be lost in another world with they trying to be or act in a manner which is different from theirs. Most of them are trying to catch up with the pace of life, with the reality being they are already at par with it. It's just that one's never-ending greed acts as a hurdle in them doing cent per cent justice to their current deed.

In most of the cases what we lack is the self-confidence as in the belief in ourselves. We need to be brave enough to back our ability and to not get disheartened by failures and what others think about us as if that happens we will end up losing ourselves, losing the person who is made for much more greater things than what the world says and believe.

Moving forward there are few simple questions to be asked by us to ourselves like, Do we really enjoy what we are doing?, Can happiness only be achieved by laughing on others?, Do we really need someone all the time? Do we really know ourselves or have we just started to believe ourselves to be like any other person? and more such questions similar to this need to be asked. And once we start answering these questions to ourselves we will find that we have made huge progress towards identifying our real self and goal in life.

Another big hindrance which stops us from being our real self is the perpetual stain and burden which we cause to our mind by overthinking. We, in general, are so overly tensed and concerned about our past and future that we almost forget that it is the present which we are wasting in the process and if utilized properly it can present us with various presents over the course of life. Also being negative doesn't help us. One immediate thing which we can stop is to stop comparing ourselves from the people around as each one of us is unique and the speciality which we carry is different from that of others. For me, it is the blend of our heart and mind which provides us with the best reason, the best reason to do whatever we are doing, without it being done for the sake of showing and once we are able to find that reason we will almost be finished with the quest of finding oneself.



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Vedant Saraogi  •  5y  •  Reply
Thanku for all the comments. Will keep working on maintaining the quality of articles
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Thought provoking.
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Great writing. Keep it up!
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Very nice and good luck
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I appreciate your thinking You are good Good luck
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Ya overthinking is my problem. I don't know how can I get rid from it.
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Very good bhaiya