How To Develop Your Self Confidence.

Isha Patil
Mar 22, 2020   •  98 views

A famous personality once said : -

No matter what clothes you wear, don't forget to wear your confidence ” 

Confidence is the key to success. It opens hidden doors of victory and wisdom for us. Most of us have experienced at some point in our lives, lack of self-confidence, at that time we start doubting our work, our efforts and even ourselves. 

Here are five ways through which we can gain our self-confidence back.

1.stay away from comparison.

 Stop comparing yourself with others and instead realise that you don't want to be better than others instead should be better than yourself.

When you stop comparing yourself with others, that's when you start gaining your confidence back.

2.photoshop your own image in your mind 

We often spend time thinking about others and forget about ourselves, our image in our own mind. Sometimes these self-images hold us back from our desired goal.

Just by photoshopping our own image in our mind leaves a positive impact on ourselves and boosts our confidence.

3.Avoid perfectionism 

Everyone should realise that nothing in this world is perfect, everyone has flaws. When we focus on being better rather than being perfect we automatically boost our own self-confidence.

Running after perfection can add stress to our lives and deteriorate our confidence.

4.Set goals and work to achieve them.

Goal setting is an important part of building your confidence. As you set goals and work on them and start seeing progress your self-confidence automatically starts building up.

5.Be optimistic

Be a big believer in optimism. Always think and speak positively about yourself. Positive people see difficulties as self-growth and focus on learning from their mistakes. 

We should realise that Optimism and self-confidence are directly proportional to each other and work side by side. 

By implementing these small changes and adding a bit of smile we can always boost our self-confidence.

And always remember that the glass is always half-full.




Profile of Goverdhan Nath Chauhan
Goverdhan Nath Chauhan  •  3y  •  Reply
Profile of Goverdhan Nath Chauhan
Goverdhan Nath Chauhan  •  3y  •  Reply