We meet many strangers in a day in our everyday journey. It’s like going on for a blind date. But only with a difference. There is a mixed feeling of expectations of meeting someone but that doesn’t occur in real life. The pinches of expectations of meeting a stranger in our daily day works doesn’t happen. We meet a number of people in our daily lives.

We pass through many faces as we move on. And most of them seem to be that of the unfamiliar faces while being at not so very known place. And knowing each and every face is not at all a good business to be doing. Not all would like meeting strangers. Not everyone has the same and equal perspective. Thats a very obvious reaction while being in the society that not everyone would be ready to accept a stranger who walks directly to them.But we still see those smiling faces who would welcome any unknown conversation. Thats not something that happens everytime. But we see those certain faces who likes spreading happy faces around with just a smile.

And hence the eyes meet and a smile is shared. A smile that is shared on that very given face that stays for a few seconds, within our thoughts and vanishes with the micro memories. Thus, they stay within the depth of our memories. Every forgotten faces and names are an unforgotten era just like the forgotten and lost treasures preserved in the heart of the ocean to be found anywhere in the upcoming generations.

It’s not always the eyes that meet and that doesn’t meet. Even between those, there are always colourful stories and emotions behind every eye that moves on the streets. Our eyes never intentionally journey in search of anyone. The streets are a vision and our eyes get busy in searching. In the search of no one or nothing but something that are not definite to us.

Every eye that meet, speaks a story in that very moment. It could be a just made up smile. One for the outer world. It could be an everlasting smile on that face. It could just be a mask. A mask that covers the sad point of life. Life is not always being with the self. A look into someone’s eyes could tell you about a lot of current emotions. Giving a smile away to someone unknown wouldn’t be of any loss. It could bring in at least a moment of happiness to someone’s life.