Negative Effects Of Online Classes

Vaishnavi Gupta
Jul 04, 2019   •  6 views

As we all know the overuse of of internet is seen everywhere around the earth . The overuse of internet is creating a lot of problems in our daily life like its creatingradiation which affects our health . Its can be used through cell phones, laptops, computer . We can use internet from any part of the world comfortably without any restrictions now internet is so easy to get that any one can access it from small kid to old one's just by sitting back at the comfortable areas. Internet specially affects the mind of a child because a child always uses thesource of internet for their studies games and may more purpose . Its really true that internet is a great source of information but everything has a negative and positive side it only depends upon how the user is using it so lets see some negative sides of internet -

Less Direct Contact

Online classes don't offer the same medium and regular access to instructors and students as traditional face-to-face classes did . In online studies communication takes place through e-mail and in virtual discussion forums. While this can aid in learning technology, it negatively impacts a student's ability to interact with professors and ask questions and get immediate help. It also takes away from some of the power of beening or becoming social with other people. Which surely bring the problem in communication .

Time Commitment

Students sometimes misconstrue that online classes require less time and effort than traditional courses. And they can spent more time with studies and other work but in reality if any child goes though online classes their regularity, discipline and character building strength gets weaker day by day. But a regular class attending studend will normally have to schedule time each day to read assignments and complete quizzes and tests that you would take in class. Online students also have to engage in class discussions and complete assignments, papers and projects. Team activities may also add to the time commitment in some classes, as students must often communicate with peers electronically and collaborate on work.

Online studies can also distract the minds-

We all know internet is a world of exploration where you can find anything you want. So student's may also get distracted while their online classes by seeing different kinds of advitisment ,suggestion for new things and different kinds of notifications from the social media platforms.




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Id do classes of my capten
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Gd thoughts...u described very well...only the study is not the methode of study is also...very important...
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