Nature- The Mother That We Are Killing

Vaibhav Tiwari
Jun 25, 2019   •  22 views

"You find heaven at your Mother’s feet”, is an old saying in India about how devoted we should to be to our mothers, but sadly we are killing if not already killed one of our mother's, Mother Nature. We are always devoted to our parents and have a special connection with our mother but sadly we have poisoned one of our Mother and still poison her every day but distributing toxic chemicals and dumping radioactive compounds in her every day. We all have two Mothers which we should be devoted to in our lifetime, the mother who gives us birth and The Mother who gives us the air we breathe: Mother Nature. We are the most intelligent species on the planet and yet we are destroying Nature without even giving a second though as if can survive without her. Thinking that we have not done much damage and nothing big would happen we have not just endangered us but hundreds of species which live alongside us in the care of Mother Nature.

This world in which we live in works on a balance, we have Land and we have the Sea, we have summers and winters but sadly because of the pollutants we have poised our Mother Nature with have caused excessive heat in Summers which has resulted in a huge paradigm shift in the climate of the world, ultimately resulting in the melting of the Polar Ice Cap. Global Warming as we call it has led to the melting to icebergs and increase of sea level which has already threatened many regions and has extinguished many species which were in care of Mother Nature long before we “Humans” came into existence.Bramble Cay melomys a type of rodent living on a single island is Australia became the first mammal species to become extinct due to the rise in sea level caused by the man-made change in nature. Polar Bears are dying due to increase in temperature near the polar ice caps, contamination of air due to air pollution has made the air unbreathable and toxic for humans and animals, deforestation has led to the extinction of near about 20,000 species, fishes and aquatic life faces a grave threat due to the water pollution we have done from years resulting in the death of many aquatic species. The worst kind of pollution we have spread is radioactive pollution. Humans have used nuclear energy to fulfill their demand to electricity but are much careless in the disposal of nuclear fuel which has led to the contamination of near flora and fauna alike. Rivers are poised, rain is toxic, air is unbreathable, climate is merciless, sea level is rising, crops are dying, species are going extinct, what more proof do we need that we have led this planet to the brink of its destruction.

Humans were evolved with the most intelligent species not to make the earth inhabitable but to take care of it and instead all we have done is destroyed our very home. There are millions of planet in the cosmos but yet only is to be found to nurture life in it and it is all because of the grace of Mother Nature and we have not only destroyed her but have also killed many of her children forever. The worst thing is that we have decided to turn a blind’s eye to all of these effects and rather than acting on it we just talk about it and how bad it is and then be on our merry way. We need to band together as sons and daughters of our Mother Nature and save her from the destruction we have led her too otherwise that day is not long when we humans would also go extinct when our Mother Nature starts showing her Wraith.