Mathematical Mishaps In Your Daily Life

Utkarsh Vinay
May 22, 2019   •  87 views


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Oh! C’mon, closing this tab already?
Feels absurd?
Irrelevant of the topic?
“ Where’s the mathematics, buddy?”, you would think.
“ I am a PCM student.”
“ I love math and who are you to say about mishaps?”
above mentioned Should be a common opinion about my topic.

C’mon folks keep reading, I won’t disappoint you here. And I have some fabulous deals ahead.

“The man is the richest whose pleasures are the cheapest.” said Henry David Thompson, an American naturalist and writer and we the part of a free society and easily manipulated species were made to believe in this, by the vibrant Bazaars in this world even before you came across this quote. .LOL.

Let’s take an example.

Remember, how last time you bought 3 shirts for Rs1800 in SALE when you found that individually that shirt costed Rs800?You “SAVED” Rs600 on the total as per your witty calculation, but actually lost Rs1000?

Lost in numbers it seems?
You should see how the “SALE” sign with numbers lured you into buying 3 shirts showing you “Money for Value” scheme where you needed just one shirt for the wedding of your least favorite cousin next week?

You and perhaps your lady in guide to this amusing venture (Mom or Aunt), helped you calculate the “lightning deal” in the shiny shop amongst the glistening faces of sales men?

//Yup, I love big words.

Yes, there were you with a simple calculation which mislead you to an absurd decision and quite frankly you were very happy about it till your granddad pushed some old school sense into you when you were announcing the fabulous trade you have made that day.

OR until you finished this blog.


“Riches are for spending.” said Francis Bacon, an English Philosopher.

With these wise words of course, lets count one more sin people have committed.

Remember the Justin Beiber Concert, The purpose tour-2017, where people paid Rs24000 to Rs80000 for one ticket only to watch him lip sing? LOL.

// not a big fan of his work but marketing skills are awesome.

People also paid Rs800 for merchandise with logos and writings “I love Bieber” and “Belieber” etc. which they might have got for Rs200 on some website or local store.

// Just saying.

They the descendants of Aryabhatt , calculated that its just 3.33% of total ticket cost and taking an expert advice of themselves, found spending that amount “ totally worth it.” They were happy with the “genuine”, “authentic”, “reputed” but overpriced product you got yourself until now.

The Rs800 shirt was overpriced just like the Rs200 bottle of water people kept complaining about.
The deal is closed here.
There cannot be bragging and complains on the same side of the show.
That was a mistake. A Self-ruining calculation.

Let’s go with One more classic Pam example from life where this “ %”sign and a number combination mislead you in spending more than you require.

Ever ordered a combo from the menu in a food chain restaurant in peer pressure of the queue with a fabulous calculation? Your burger costed Rs70, coke Rs40 but if u made a “COMBO” with fries of Rs50,including all the above, it would just costs you just Rs130?

You saw your win here.
The person on the other side offered and you Added 10 more and bought one more coke. “Hell Yeah!” Cheat day in progress.

But since we are calculating and counting blunders and as such. Let’s think this way.
Which of the product was overpriced in the above deal?
Hmmm…. Good question but for next blog. For now, I will point out that you have spent Rs40 extra and were lured into it by shiny screens and sloppy knowledge of calculation.

Give it a small thought next time.

I seriously don’t know how many of you made it till here, but I wish this article might help you a little more in seeing the deceit we are offered just by putting up numbers on boards, help you realize and get cautious about the so appreciated “mathematical” side of brain.

Let’s face it. The truth.

We are all dumb when we get into a shop with signs and posters and numbers and combos.

I dearly wish to find my readers in nearby shops skeptical about prices and vigilant about the misleading practices scoffing and eye rolling when they see those nasty words.

See you in the next blog.
Till then, it’s Sayonara from my side coz I need to track an order from Amazon, I bought for an incredible 60% off from Japan……..

Oops … now I see what I did there.



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Woah . Cool and interactive stuff.
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