Education in India is provided by public schools (managed and funded by central, state,local body) and private schools. According to the Constitution of India free and compulsory education for the children of age 3 to 14.

The days are no more same where classroom was only confinedwithin textbooks and blackboards, but afterevolution towards the classroom we notice today thechanged way of learning of the child. The modern day era classrooms are not only furnished with different and various tools of education butschools are focusing in building strong and unbreakable relationship between the parent and the child. They are working to amplify all round development fora child.

But the scenario is still a dream in public schools of India. The situations are not same the poor students are still treated in badly. Public schools arejust not lacking behind for providing proper facilities, but also in providing proper safety.

Even though many children attend schools, they remain ill-equipped. A survey in 2007which was conducted across 16,000 villages, found that while many more children were sitting in class, vast numbers of them could not read, write or perform basic arithmetic, to say nothing of those who were not in school at all.

The different ways through which education system can improve:-

1. Re-define the purpose of the education system.
Our education system is still a colonial education system geared towards generating pen-pushers under the newly acquired skin of modernity. We may have the most number of engineering graduates in the world, but that certainly has not translated into much technological innovation here.

2. Effective deregulation.
Until today, an institute of higher education in India must be operating on a not-for profit basis. This is discouraging for entrepreneurs and innovators who could have worked in these spaces.

3. Take mediocrity out of the system.
Our education system today encourages mediocrity — in students, in teachers, throughout the system. It is easy to survive as a mediocre student, or a mediocre tea.

A child is a pure soul. The first step towards education starts with home. Recent studies suggests that be it a formal preschool or an informal teaching at home, benefits the child when he/she targets the traditional school. The modern day educational system has advanced for the emotional, physical, psychological well-being of the child.



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