Tea with bajji😁


Summer has gone for a vacation and it let way for the monsoon to embrace us.Clouds became heavy such that they could not harness themselves from giving a cheerful shower.Colored in ash colour those pretty clouds poured the drops of water to excite the humans.It was a cool weather making us to wrap our heads with dupattas and holding our heads with caps.Many were behaving strange and were cherishing fun in the rain unmindful of those consequences(fever,cold,cough).Garnish your head with beads of rain water but never forget to wipe.

Umbrellas had nice time in the rain and had good conversations with its fellow umbrellas.They were dashing each other and had good fun.Their conversations were quite funny which anyone could not perceive but it was quite noticeable for me.Their murmurs were not heard but felt.

Some were cherishing the rain with flavoursome hued kulfis in their mouths and were checking the colour of the tongue in the mobile phone's screen.

Many were unmindful of the cool breezy weather and were texting their loved ones unaware of the leaves that were falling on their beloved heads.Some little buds were counting the rain drops and enjoyed it.Some were drinking hot glass of tea with onion pakoda and gained delight over it.

Rain made wells,rivers, lakes and ponds overflow with joy of water.I wish let everyone experience the joy of this cool season and also never forgot to save water.

Apart from it the very cool season sprinkled drops of joy for the farmers who grew monsoon crops.

In euphoria they sang songs of happiness for the crops .Those crops sprung with positivity fed by them.Rain coat and umbrella business swelled with huge some of money.Hot Teas turned sweet like honey.

Monsoon is a boon so let's all cherish in this breezy season🥶