The age where many of us were happy is our childhood days.I reckon recapitulate the memories of your childhood you will never fail to smile.Spending hours in playing with toys we own and doing all hilarious things were the ingredients of our childhood memories.

Wreaths of smoke were coming out of the bedroom, mom heard some choking sounds and she caught her children red handed who were involved in playing with matchsticks. Awe!those are happy events that must have taken part in our life when we are found guilty for playing with things that we were forbidden to use.

When vehicles on the road turn crazy and his/her mom grabbed the pink arm of him/her.I hope your parents must have held your pretty hands during road crossing.Oh! Childhood contains these many memorable incidents.

The laborious effort we execute during learning tables in the subject called mathematics. To be frank I don't hate math but math hates me 😂All hilarious things were exhibited by us during the time of childhood.

Childhood journeys in a vehicle are always quite interesting with lots of fun.We gaze things with utmost inquisition. Playing with dolls and chatting with them is the most interesting thing to be relished.

I promise that whenever you recapitulate the memories of your childhood you will never fail to smile. Try this interesting trick when you are worried you will be showered with happiness.